Clients Feedback

Motor Company Plant Director

We had been spending a lot of money in new equipment to improve our plants, but with the Monozukuri Consultant we have learned that spending the minimum of money we can optimize our production lines with the Japanese technic of Improvement Way!

Manufacturing Division Manager from an electric company plant

We have studied the Japanese Management, and achieved some level of 5S, standardization work and quality check. But there are many parts not usable in the real work place, and we didn't have good results in the end. We were surprised with the results we we had after have learned the way that Japanese use their technics of improvement.

Food Company Processing Plant Manager

We didn't have the habit of observe the worksite field and often have taken the decision based just on reports. Since we periodically received the visits of the Monozukuri consultants, we learned the discrepancies between the reports and the work site. Now we make periodic patrols the work site and we understand its importance.

Machinery Equipment Company Chief Engineer

We are really satisfied with the orientation of the monozukuri engineer that have taught us how to introduce the one-by-one production line in our plants and since then the productivity has doubled!

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