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What services are provided by Monozukuri Global Support services?

Monozukuri Global Support matches the wish of the experienced Japanese Engineers to continue to show off their job value, and the the companies that wish to have an proofed experience personnel to maximize their performance results!

Is it possible to contract simultaneously multiple consultants or engineers?

Since it matches the schedule of the engineers, no problem.

How are the steps to contract the services of Hirayama Global Support?

Check [How to contract our services] . >> read more

How can you contact us?

Call us (+81(0)3-5783-3571 or send a mail for us.>> inquiry form

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Do I have to pay for search the engineers/consultants?

No, you haven't. The search service is free.

Will I have any cost to interview the candidates?

How our consultants and engineers will be in Japan, the first contact can be trough free talk services as Skype , and in a the second stage the place and way to the interview can be set.

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Which kind of engineers are registered in Monozukuri Global Support?

We have a wide range of professionals, that includes a wide range since former directors and managers from companies listed in then Nikkei index.

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How is the normal frequency of work ?

It will be decide with the engineer and your company.

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Is it possible to make a contract direct with the Monuzukuri Global Support Personnel?

It will be necessary to consult the engineer/consultant. Contact Us.

Do you have a privacy policy?

We follow the compliance norms of Hirayama Co., Ltd.

Which desktop browsers do you support?


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